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University College Dublin Notes

Choose from our range of University College Dublin Notes and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

Administrative Law: Remedies Notes

These notes are on a wide variety of topics in administrative law: remedies. The topics include breach of a statutory duty and the EU frankovich doctrine, the doctrines of: void ab initio, collateral attack and habeas corpus, remedies for a breach of

Company Law I Notes

These notes are from the first module of Company Law. In particular, you will find separate documents for notes on the concept of separate legal personality, on shares and membership in a company, on the legal duties expected of directors and on the m

Company Law II Notes

These notes are from the second module that undergraduates take in Irish Company Law. They contain notes on Corporate finance I and II (Mortgages, fixed and floating charges, the registration of charges, negative pledge clauses, set-offs.) These notes

Constitutional Rights Notes

These notes are on a variety of topics in Constitutional Rights (Ireland). There are separate notes on the following constitutional rights: Equality, Freedom of Assembly and Association, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion, Private Property, Th

Contract Law: Formation. Notes

These are notes on the formation of a contract. There are two separate documents - one of them on Offer and the other on Contractual Capacity. The notes contain both Irish Law and English Law on these topics.

Contract Law: Vitiating Factors Notes

These are notes on Irish and English Contract Law. The module is typically the second Contract Law to be taken and is about vitiating factors rather than the formation of a contract. The notes are on a variety of topics contained in separate documents

Criminal Law: Offences and Defences Notes

These are notes on Criminal Offences in Irish Law such as Murder and Manslaughter, other Fatal Offences and Sexual Offences. In addition, There are notes on Criminal Defences in Irish Law such as: Automatism, Duress, Entrapment, Insanity and Diminish

Criminal Liability Notes

These are notes on Criminal Liability in Irish law with references to English Law (persuasive law to Ireland). There are separate documents on the following topics: Classification of Crimes, Actus Reus, Mens Rea, Inchoate offences with separate notes

Equity/ Trust Law: (creation and administration of trusts) Notes

These notes are on a variety of topics in the broader subject of Equity, with a particular focus on Trust Law and the creation/ administration of a Trust. These notes are extremely detailed and lengthy and are taken from excellent sources. They have b

EU Constitutional Law Notes

These notes contain a single document which describes in length, the constitutional evolution of the European Union.

Evidence I: Foundations Notes

These notes are on the foundations and base knowledge of Evidence in English and Irish Law with a focus on Ireland (English law as persuasive law)

They contain separate documents relating to subjects in Evidence such as: The Burden of Proof in Iris

Evidence II: Practice and Principles Notes

These are very lengthy, very structured (color coded) and extremely detailed notes on the Law in relation to Evidence (practice and principles) in Ireland which includes English Law, too.

The subjects are contained in individual documents and are

General Intro to the Irish Legal System (GILS) Notes

These notes are from the module General Introduction to the Irish Legal System, containing one document on the doctrine of Precedent.

Property Law/ Land Law Notes

These notes are on a variety of topics related to Irish Land/ Property Law. The subjects are all contained in separate and individual documents and are as follows:

Adverse Possession, Co-ownership of property, Family Property, Freehold Estates and

Psychology Notes

Some cartoon, typed and written notes on psychology topics. These notes are really useful for condensing things into basic ideas. It's impossible to learn details in psychology until you are able to understand the stories and concepts behind everythin

Tort Law: Nominate Torts Notes

These notes are on a variety of Nominate Torts, all contained in separate documents. This module was taken for an Irish Law exam however there is a more or less even focus on English and Irish law due to how the law has developed in this area.


Trust Law Notes

These notes are very lengthy and extremely good quality as they were written for final year exams. Trust Law is a gargantuan subject, and TRUST me I have done literally all of the work for you.

Topics include:

Express Trusts - The Three Certain

Upper Limb Musculoskeletal Notes

Cartoon notes and diagrams of all the muscles of the upper limb (and a fun one of the hand muscles!), back and chest including rotator cuff muscles. All muscles are described with a diagram, origin, insertion, action and innervation. There are also di

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