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Why Sell Your Notes on Oxbridge?

Share your knowledge with tens of thousands of students by selling university notes worldwide

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Oxbridge Notes offers a hassle-free way to turn your lecture and study notes into passive income. We've been a trusted platform for over 14 years and have a vast user base, meaning your university, lecture or revision notes will be seen by many students. You receive a 50% commission* by selling your class notes, and we never reveal your identity to buyers. We also offer a 'pro-bono' option to donate your earnings to charity.

*Net of any payment processing fees

By uploading and selling school notes online, on average, our authors earned nearly £250 last year for about 15 minutes of work. Your exact earnings from selling depend on demand, note quality, and timing, with the majority of sales occurring before exam periods.

Start by filling out a form to sell your notes online. If we like your application, we'll invite you to become a seller. Once accepted, upload your class notes, school notes, or any academic notes. We handle the sales, payment processing, and customer support.

We're seeking a variety of academic content, from detailed study notes, revision notes, essay plans, to mind maps, for selling online. We only accept typed documents in electronic documents in formats like Word, PDF, or ODT. We welcome sellers from all academic levels and institutions across the UK and worldwide.

Anyone wanting to sell university notes at all levels accepted: Undergraduate, Masters, professional exams (such as LPC) are all dandy. We accept high performing authors and outstanding student notes at all levels of education.

We accept top students from all institutions to sell their notes with us, not just Oxford or Cambridge as our website title might suggest. Since we have multiple websites selling in multiple countries it does not matter what country you studied in. If you've got good grades and great study notes we want you to apply.

Yes, only notes you've authored can be sold, including your revision notes, study notes, or class notes; passing off someone else's work is not allowed. We don't accept submitted essays due to potential plagiarism concerns. Additionally, lecture handouts and notes provided by professors are off-limits for sale and we reserve the right to notify the parties of your attempt to sell their notes.

Optionally, you can answer brief customer questions about your notes sold online, though these are rare and not mandatory.

Begin by filling out our application form to sell your notes. If your application is approved, we'll guide you through the setup process to sell your lecture notes, revision notes, or any academic notes online.

Yes, we prioritise your privacy and data security. We ensure your identity remains confidential to buyers when you sell your notes, and can anonymize file metadata upon request.

No, there are no upfront fees to become a seller on Oxbridge Notes. We provide a user-friendly platform for you to earn by selling your study notes, class notes, or revision notes without any upfront fees.

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