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Terms and Conditions

Our products and services will only be given to the customer on the understanding that they have read, understood and agreed to the conditions and stipulations of our Terms and Conditions.

General Terms

  1. Every reference to Oxbridge Notes is used to refer to Oxbridge Notes as an entity, all of its staff, and its owners.
  2. Oxbridge Notes seeks to supply the customer with written materials researched and written by others for the purposes of providing study aids and model answers.
  3. The customer acknowledges that any use by them of the products or services provided by Oxbridge Notes is made wholly on the customer's own initiative and free decision. Further, the customer agrees that Oxbridge Notes will have no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any decision to use our products or services which violates that customer's school, university or other educational institution's regulations or provisions governing academic work.
  4. Oxbridge Notes seeks to make available a single copy of materials via download link.
  5. Buyers of notes may not, under any circumstances, redistribute notes purchased on our website. Notes are intended for personal use by a single individual. Activities such as (but not limited to) sending the notes to friends, placing them online publicly or resale are strictly prohibited and you will be liable to both Oxbridge Notes and the original notes author in the event of any such breach.The customer agrees never to violate the copyright of any written material sold to them by Oxbridge Notes.
  6. The customer understands and agrees to Oxbridge Notes's right to refuse to continue the preparation or sale of any written material, either in part or in full, which the company suspects of being used in violation of any of the terms and conditions stated in this document. Further, Oxbridge Notes accepts absolutely no responsibility or liability for any undetected and/or unauthorised violations of the terms stated in this document.
  7. Oxbridge Notes's products and services are rendered purely and solely as academic assistance and do not constitute in any form professional advice. The information and opinions contained on this website or inside the documents sold on this website are for exam revision purposes only, are not intended to constitute legal, medical or any other professional advice, and should not be relied on or treated as a substitute for specific advice relevant to particular circumstances. Oxbridge Notes does not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on information or materials published on this website.
  8. The customer agrees to thoroughly examine, before ordering any service from Oxbridge Notes, the particular rules, regulations and provisions of their university or school governing the preparation and submission of academic work, and to check whether these provisions permit the employment of services such as those offered by Oxbridge Notes.
  9. The customer is wholly aware that any view or statement expressed by Oxbridge Notes or its employees, either on its website or elsewhere, does not constitute advice to the customer about the suitability of their use of our products or services, but rather these views and statements are 'opinions'.
  10. Oxbridge Notes is not responsible for the content of any external internet sites linked to by this website.
  11. Oxbridge Notes offers no guarantee that any notes or essays sold on Oxbridge Notes will reach your subjective quality standards, nor that they will cover your syllabus. Oxbridge Notes will, however, be happy to facilitate any pre-purchase inquiries with the individual author and to offer electronically generated samples.
  12. Oxbridge Notes specifically contracts with authors on the terms that they have the intellectual property rights to sell the materials at stake. If for some reason the materials on sale infringe an intellectual property right we accept no liability or responsibility for any damage caused. Oxbridge Notes will however immediately remove the material from our website.
  13. Oxbridge Notes is in no way affiliated with any of the institutions listed in this website. These institutions are identified by their trademarks in a purely nominative manner.
  14. The customer agrees that the grades with which products on our site are marked (e.g. 1st Class, 2:1 or 2:2 etc.) have been provided by the authors themselves and that Oxbridge Notes in no way guarantees the truth of these statements nor do we guarantee that if the customer submitted the same written material to their institution that the customer would receive that degree mark. All written materials supplied by Oxbridge Notes to the customer are meant only to be used as model examples of what the customer's own work might be like. For a customer to hand in any written material written by Oxbridge Notes as if it were that customer's own is strictly prohibited by Oxbridge Notes and represents a breach of our copyright.
  15. The customer agrees that a decision on the customer's part to depend upon Oxbridge Notes's essays and notes to such an extent that a delay in service may cause a customer to miss a deadline or jeopardize part or all of their degree or examination in any way is undertaken at the customer's own risk, and that Oxbridge Notes accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any consequences of the late delivery of its services (including the provision of download links).
  16. The customer agrees that as soon as an order has been paid for, either in part or in whole, and the download page accessed by the customer, that the customer may not cancel that order and moreover that the customer is obliged to pay in full any outstanding fees.
  17. The customer understands and agrees that any written materials sold to them by Oxbridge Notes are sold and intended solely for the purpose of inspiring that customer's own work through giving an example of model research, writing, expression and structuring of ideas. The customer must never submit material bought on our website as if it were their own work, either in part or total, to their university, school or any other institute of education.
  18. The customer agrees to be bound by Oxbridge Notes's no refund policy for products or services provided by us. The customer further agrees that refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances - for instance the failure to deliver notes or essays - and that all refunds are at the complete discretion of Oxbridge Notes.
  19. The customer has a 7 day period to cancel their order under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. However, as provided for by the law, they waive this right as soon as they download any of the contents of their order.
  20. By creating an account with us, you thereby opt in to marketing messages. You can always opt out by clicking the 'unsubscribe' button in every email.
  21. The page counts we advertise for our notes are only approximations for your experience. We calculate the page counts using headless Libreoffice and pdfinfo on Linux; different computers, display settings and software packages may deviate.
  22. Oxbridge Notes accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies that occasionally occur in the notes and essays we sell. Likewise, we do not accept any responsibility for the result of any such inaccuracies upon your final piece of work and grade.

Author Specific Rights

This section applies to commission based authors only.

  • Any documents sent to us for sampling purposes will never be made public or sold to a customer.
  • You may leave our system at any time without any notice and we will remove your documents from sale and delete any samples we have.
  • You will retain the intellectual property rights to your notes at all times and we may not place your notes anywhere else - online or offline - without your express permission.
  • At your request, or upon leaving our system, any documents not previously sold to customers will be permanently deleted from our system. In the case where your documents have been sold to a customer we need to retain a copy of your notes in case said buyer deletes the files from their hard-drive and needs to download them again. As such only previous purchasers will have access to deleted documents - no new customers will be able to see, buy or download them.
  • We will not give out your real name to customers who ask for it.

Author Specific Terms

In addition to being bound by the general terms above, commission based authors on our website must read, understand and agree to the conditions and stipulations below before uploading materials for sale on our website.

  1. The author agrees to sell their notes in their capacity as an individual rather than in the capacity of an incorporated business. It is strictly forbidden to sell your notes in a corporate capacity through our website.
  2. Oxbridge Notes will pay a percentage royalty on each sale of your notes. The current figure in your country is 50%. A transfer of the balance owed will be initiated within the first five days of each month via the Paypal/Stripe service. Oxbridge Notes reserves the right to change any aspect of this financial arrangement and if you are unhappy with the new arrangements then you are free to leave our service, no questions asked.
  3. Oxbridge Notes reserves the right to set the price at which your notes will sell for on our website.
  4. The author may not, in any circumstances, negotiate a sale outside of our system with potential buyers. We reserve the right to scan messages for the disclosure of contact details and to inspect emails which our systems detect as potentially in breach. If a disclosure is found your account will be immediately deleted and you will automatically forfeit any commission you have remaining.
  5. Authors agree a) not to use this site to engage in activities which infringe the intellectual property of others; b) not to impersonate another person.
  6. Oxbridge Notes may, at any time and without prior notice, remove your notes for sale from the website for any reason whatsoever. In particular we will remove notes that do not sell well or, in subjects where age of notes is a crucial factor, where the notes are more than two years old.
  7. Oxbridge Notes will create samples of the files you upload and place these on our website so as to encourage potential buyers. Please be aware that due to the nature of the web, other companies (such as Google) may scrape this content and include it within their databases and sometimes even their public facing websites. Thus even if you remove your notes from our system copies of that content may be mirrored at other URLs across the web. We cannot and do not accept responsibility for removing mirrored content.
  8. Oxbridge Notes does not accept responsibility for acts of notes buyers or other third parties which breach your intellectual property rights. In particular we disclaim liability for copyright infringement caused by notes buyers who subsequently redistribute your notes or infringe your intellectual property rights in any way. You will, of course, retain all rights to take legal action against such an infringing party and we will provide any information we can in helping you track this party down.
  9. In the very rare case that a buyer returns a product bought using our service and we grant that buyer a refund, then you will not receive any payment for that sale. The loss is shared equally between you, the author, and us, the publisher. If the return occurs after we've already paid your royalty for that sale then we will deduct that amount from your payment for the following month.

Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing in Academic Note

By submitting or selling notes to Oxbridge Notes, the author grants Oxbridge Notes a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use these notes for the development of academic products and services. This includes the right to:

  1. Incorporate the notes into machine learning models, such as language learning models, for product enhancement.
  2. Develop, market, and sell new products derived from the notes.

Authors retain their intellectual property rights. The use of the notes by Oxbridge Notes as outlined above does not require further compensation to the author. Oxbridge Notes commits to respecting the intellectual property rights of authors and ensures that the use of notes will not infringe on third-party rights.

Tutoring Specific Terms

In addition to being bound by the general terms above, those accessing the tutoring service on our website must read, understand and agree to the conditions and stipulations below before applying to become a tutor or requesting a tutor.

  1. We expect all tuition given as a result of an Oxbridge Notes match to be conducted to a high standard and in a professional manner. If a tutor’s teaching or behaviour is determined to be below the standards we expect, we reserve the right to terminate our relationship with the tutor in question. Tutors take full responsibility for organising and conducting their own tuition.
  2. Tutors are free to determine their rate of pay for tuition themselves, and responsible for organising the method by which they are paid for tuition. The tutor may wish to charge additional expenses such as textbooks and travel expenses to the tutee, if so, these must be agreed upon with the tutee before each tutorial. Tutor and tutee agree to determine before beginning tuition what will be charged and how payment will be made. Oxbridge Notes advises against the use of cash payments, as these provide no record of the payment and can therefore leave both tutor and tutee vulnerable to false payment claims. Tutees agree that they will pay in whole and in a timely manner fees due for tuition and, if applicable, for the matching service provided by Oxbridge Notes.
  3. Oxbridge Notes acts on behalf of the self-employed tutor and will introduce the tutor to the tutee. Oxbridge Notes is only responsible for finding and matching tutees with an appropriate tutor, and is not responsible for the content of lessons nor the teaching methods of the tutor, nor does Oxbridge Notes accept any liability for the consequences of such tuition, including, but not limited to, exam results and dissertation scores. Oxbridge Notes does not accept any liability for claims by the tutee arising out of, or related to, tuition carried out by a tutor introduced by Oxbridge Notes.
  4. Tutees understand and agree that qualifications, grades, and experience listed in tutor profiles have been provided by the tutors themselves and that Oxbridge Notes in no way guarantees the truth of these details.
  5. All tutors seeking work through Oxbridge Notes agree that they have self-employment status in the UK and are responsible for their own tax affairs. Oxbridge Notes reserves the right to request National Insurance numbers and Unique Taxpayer References on behalf of HMRC if asked to do so. Tutors agree that they will duly pay the income tax and national insurance contributions which are due from them, whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, in relation to the payments made to them for work found through Oxbridge Notes. Tutors further agree to indemnify Oxbridge Notes in respect of all and any income tax and national insurance contributions which may be found to be due by them, as well as any interest, penalties, or gross-up therein.
  6. Note that students on Tier 4 Student Visas cannot be self-employed and so cannot seek work through Oxbridge Notes. Please check your Visa before applying to be an Oxbridge Notes tutor. By accepting matches through Oxbridge Notes, you are agreeing that you have the right to be self-employed, and must inform Oxbridge Notes if this is not the case. Not having the right to self-employment status will terminate your tutoring account and could violate your right to remain in the UK.
  7. Oxbridge Notes uses tutor data for the purposes of the services that it provides. Tutors providing personal data consent to the use of that data by Oxbridge Notes for the purpose of providing matches with tutees and to enable Oxbridge Notes to contact the tutor.
  8. Whilst working with tutees, tutors must not break any rules that apply to the students under their own agreements with the educational institutions which they attend. It is forbidden for any tutor to plagiarise any other person’s work, or to write any dissertation material, essays, problem set answers or exam solutions for the student to attempt to pass off as their own work. It is imperative that all of our tutors behave ethically and legally in conducting their work. Any tutors found to be supporting such activities will be dismissed and may find themselves legally liable for damages.


  • Scraping our website/content for any purpose other than inclusion in the search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo, will be treated as copyright infringement and we will sue for the highest amounts possible under our legally protected rights.
  • Contacting our authors or tutors through our website with the intent of poaching them / directing them to publish or tutor on your platform is strictly prohibited. We monitor these emails and fingerprint every request using sophisticated techniques that cannot be overridden by merely using proxies or onion networks. We also offer our authors and tutors a percentage of the legal winnings for reporting any competitors who attempt to poach them.
  • For infringements of all the above, we will sue not only the company issuing this illegal request, but, to the extent the law permits, we will also launch personal claims against every programmer who wrote code that executes these copyright-infringing activities.


In our years of business we have never treated any author, customer, or other party such that a legal dispute ensued, but in the unlikely possibility that a legal intervention is necessary, we stipulate that our dealings are subject to the rules of UK law. For convenience, parties may unanimously agree to hold proceedings in another jurisdiction.