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Oxbridge Notes Reviews

Reviews Of Our Notes

“The notes have been a fantastic contribution; for consolidation purposes, time saving and authoritative referencing, all of which are much needed when studying law full time.” Law Student, College of Law, London

“At the brink of hysteria, I stumbled upon Oxbridge Note and decided to have a try. It doesnt fail me; it provides me not only notes, but also a complementary guide on where to start and what may be the important parts. The notes can be easily combined with my own lecture notes and self-compiled notes making them even more complete. They truly are good source accompanying your journey.” External LLB Student, University of London Malaysia

“I can't tell you how much stress it's saved me. I can't say these notes will guarantee me a first all by themselves, but they take most of the pressure off. The law notes bundle saved me tons of time and helped me understand the important principles in each week's work. In the past, I had a real problem following judges' trains of thought and trying to get to grips with what they were saying. What I like about these notes is that they cut through all of that and reduce each case to the essentials that are examined, so I can focus on the more difficult/interesting areas. ” 3rd Year Law Student, University of Oxford

“I found the Oxford Notes expansive, informative, easy to assimilate and very helpful. With the notes I was able to revise more efficiently.” Norman Manley Law School, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica

“I found the law notes really useful, both in revision and as a summary of each topic. They're clear, comprehensive and thorough, and are very good at drawing out the key points in both cases and articles. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone studying law. ” 3rd Year Law Student, University of Oxford

“Oxbridge notes are very useful. They're simple to use and I would recommend them to anyone. Not as expensive as other sites. They have assisted me a lot; not only in coursework but also in seminars.” 2nd Year Student, Brunel University

“Simple to read, the notes touch those crucial points that a student would need to hit first-class honours. They explain principles that are crucial for profound understanding of the law. Oxbridge Notes; please keep on with the good work of explaining the law.” LLB Student, University of Plymount

“The best place to start your readings as you can build a basic infrastructure out of them, rather than blindly dive into pages and pages.” Student, University of Oxford

“I have found the Oxbridge notes to be a really effective aid to my revision, they were thorough, up to date and relevant to my subjects, and were the main contributing factors to my exam success, very powerful tool.” Student, University of Manchester

“No unnecessary information... Oxbridge Notes cut to the chase and are more than sufficient to do well in exams.” University of Southampton, Singapore

“The notes have really helped clarify points in a thorough but casual manner. In a non threatening format they are very user friendly and aid in the construction of an effective backbone. I used these notes frequently to make additional notes on and to explain topics in a clearer fashion. The bundle has an added bonus that it allows the student to dip into other topics apart from those of the curriculum, thereby cementing your knowledge more generally. ” Psychology Graduate, GDL Student, University of London, London

“Oxbridge Notes have helped me greatly both over the course of the entire year with lectures and supervisions, as well as in preparation for the end of year exams. It really helps to have at hand notes that were written by a law student that was at one point in your exact position. The range, depth and quality of the material definitely made things easier to understand from a student point of view. Working alongside these notes is as close as you can get to working alongside a senior student at any time you wish.” Law Student, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

“I bought the BPTC pack for 2014-2015. The notes were excellent as they cover the whole syllabus and condense masses of information into a few sheets of paper without leaving out any of the information that you need to know to pass the exam and more. The notes are so wide ranging that you can choose from different versions of notes on the same topics.” BPTC Student